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„Above all we are cat lovers.”

We are a little, professional cattery registrated in FIFE, WCF and CFA RUI under the name Rusori House. 

We are engaged in breeding Siamese and Colorpoint cats in the modern type /CFA standard/. 

We do our best to provide our cattery the best conditions, with the happiest cats living there.

Have a look on our cattery – our home:

Cats are the most important inhabitants of our house: we spend winter in the city, summer in our country-house, where on a specially prepared, secured terrace, our cats can spend days in the sun and the open air admiring the green shore of Pilica and evenings on the sofa by the fireplace.

In our breeding, we pay attention not only to the excellent exterior, but also to the character and – above all – health of our kittens – that’s why we select their parents very carefully.  In the upbringing our kittens we follow best experts’ and veterinarians’ advice.

Our cats are tested for genetically determined diseases: PRA, GM1 and infectious diseases: FIV, FELV, Herpesvirus, Mycoplasma, Chlamydia a.o. – test results carried out in reference laboratories confirm disease-free breeding.


We pay a lot of attention not only to veterinary care, but also to nutrition – our cats are fed with best brand foods and special supplements.

We are constantly trying to improve our education by participating in lectures, trainings and seminars. We are members of three world federations: FIFE /Fédération Internationale Féline/, WCF /World Cat Federation/ and CFA RUI. We are members in the club PFA /Polish Feline Assotiation, FIFE/, IBSCC, SHK and CFA RUI /Rolandus Cat Club/ .


If You have any questions, write to us or call +48 606 281 031

– You can contact us in German, English and French.

e-mail us: rusori.house@gmail.com

Certified Breeding – the RUSORI HOUSE * PL cattery meets the highest standards of conditions in which our cats live, as well as nutrition and veterinary care. By choosing kittens from us you invest in passion, commitment and love that we put into breeding. We carefully select cats with the best pedigrees, character and impeccable health, we pay the utmost attention to the selection of future owners, and the breeding is registered in the official World Cat Congress federations:



Our cattery is equipped by SIMPLYMADE and PRASKA SHOP – Eco Cats Collection:


Our furry babies are secured with a microchip and registered SAFE ANIMAL database: