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Meet Rusori’s soulmates in English!
photo: Miaugawka – kocia fotografia

WCF Best Cats 2018 winners!

We are very proud to announce that our JCH ICH WCF Triple Master Fyodora won the WCF Best Cat Rating 2018 and became World’s Best Siamese 2018!
In the WCF Best Cat Rating 2018 our cat, GICH Enei achieved 3. place and became World’s 3. Best Siamese 2018!
Both became National Winners – Poland’s Best Cats 2018!
photo: Miaugawka – kocia fotografia

Certified Breeding – the RUSORI HOUSE * PL cattery meets the highest standards of conditions in which our cats live, as well as nutrition and veterinary care. By choosing kittens from us you invest in passion, commitment and love that we put into breeding. We carefully select cats with the best pedigrees, character and impeccable health, we pay the utmost attention to the selection of future owners, and the breeding is registered in the official World Cat Congress federations:

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